Maule Brewing Co. 5 Litre Mini Keg

Maule Brewing Co.

Maule Brewing Co. 5 Litre Mini Keg

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Maule Brewing Co. 5Litre Fresh Fill Mini Keg

  • Perfect BBQ buddy
  • 5 Litres / 8.8 Pints
  • Keep refrigerated (keg size: 25cm tall, 16cm wide)
  • Super Fresh for 4 week
  • All vegan friendly
  • Unfiltered and Unfined

Here is a few pointers to looking after your mini keg once you get it home.

  1. Store your mini keg in an upright position in the fridge for 24 hours before serving.

  2. To pour your beer: Turn the top handle 90  degrees until you hear a hiss. Pull the red tap out of the keg. Place your glass underneath and twist anticlockwise to dispense. Close your tap.

  3.  Sit back and enjoy.

  4. When you’ve finished your session, close the top vent to prolong the quality of the beer.

Your mini keg will last for a month after packaging and is best enjoyed within three days of opening.


    NEIPA IPA: £32  *NEW BREW*
    • 5.5% ABV
    • Packed full of Sabro and Citra hops, this juicy New England IPA is screaming tropical fruits - mango, coconut, vanilla and passion fruits. Chewy body in a hazy pour, great mouthfeel, with a smooth subtle bitter finish.

    LUCKY IPA: £32

    • 5.5% ABV
    • Peach and hint of orange, subtle fruit nose. Sweet caramel malt body, with a clean mid palate bitterness which drifts away leaving you with a smooth finish and wanting another sip.


    • 5% ABV
    • Fine biscuit malt body with subtle citrus fruit and herbal notes, with a dry clean bitterness provided by the lager yeast.


    • 4.9% ABV
    • Sweet berry fruits, with a piney finish. Light and clean bitterness balanced by a smooth malt body.

    DARK MAULE: £30

    • 4.8% ABV
    • Rich, black pour, aromas of dark espresso, roasted malts and chocolate nibs. Sweet cocao and caramel, with a medium body, dry finish. Oats deliver a lovely smooth mouthfeel.


    • 4.3% ABV
    • Delivers fruity, piney and grapfruit hop aromas and full flavour in an easy-drinking ale. Added wheat and oats for body and silky smooth mouthfeel.


    • 4.4% ABV
    • A classic US dry hop combo with Citra & Amarillo hops. Plenty of zingy citrus zest with this beer! Pink grapefruit & green fruits. Low bitterness and a clean finish.


    • 4% ABV
    • Brewed with plenty of love, on a Pilsner malt base and hopped with the unique ‘Super Noble’, Loral hops. This light pilsner provides a distinct character with unique floral and herbal aromas, balanced nicely by fruit and bright, crisp, citrus notes


    • 4.4% ABV
    • Subtle sweet fruit, papaya and sweet apple nose. Soft herbal flavours, stone fruit with hints of apricot palate.